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Ravenworks Deerskin

At Ravenworks Deerskin, our Deerskin Handbags, Clothing, Wallets, and Accessories are all made in the tradition of great American craftsmanship.

Deerskin is the perfect combination of both strength and beauty. Deerskin is also exceptionally light in weight. Even though it is incredibly soft and lightweight, deerskin is also very resilient and surprisingly durable.

Ravenworks deerskins are all top-quality hides with full-grain. That means the surface has never been sanded or polished. Consequently, you get the luxurious feel of the full grain.

Ravenworks deerskins are dyed in a unique way, so you will never scuff our deerskin and see gray underneath. The color will never fade or show that worn look that you see so often with cowhide.

Ravenworks deerskin is a 100% American product. All of our deerskins are hides purchased from hunters. Then they are treated and finished in one of the very best American tanneries, and selected for their high quality standards. Finally, every item is hand cut, hand sewn, and carefully finished in our Ohio studio by expert American craftspeople.

We feel that all of these factors are important, so that Ravenworks Deerskin can offer you the finest quality leather items.
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